The 5th Regional Conference dedicated to minority and local media will be held on November 10th in Novi Sad, Serbia, as announced by the press centre of the Provincial Government of Vojvodina on September 14th.

Nataša Heror, CEO of Heror Media Pont, will present the publication jointly with the Newspaper and Publishing House Magyar Szó, aiming to recognise the potential of minority and local media in Serbia and the region as an advantage to society, for the promotion of positive social change, and for the tradition of national communities or minorities.

Rozalia Ekres, CEO of Magyar Szó, and Márta Varju, editor-in-chief of Magyar Szó, agree that Magyar Szó, the daily newspaper in Hungarian, has the highest circulation numbers and readers, but it still faces the same problems as newspapers with a smaller circulation.

“As minority media, we are members of the Association of Media Serbia, which has 24 members“, Rozalia Ekres said, adding, “Since last year Magyar Szó has also been a member of MIDAS, the association of European media, which informs 50 million European citizens living as minorities by 500 thousand copies published on a daily basis.”

Ekres further stressed that without the help of the state – particularly of the Provincial Goverment – Magyar Szó would not be able to survive, and it therefore needs to look for new ways to survive due to the challenges new technology brings.

Kalman Kuntić, a senior associate in the Department of Information Media, and analyst of the Provincial Department of Culture, Information and Relations with Religious Communities, who was also a participant at last year's regional conference "Minority Media as Protagonists’ Solutions", said that the time has come for minority media to find new solutions for its functioning and survival, as well as continuing to need state support.

The theme of the 5th Regional Conference on Minority and Local Media, which will be held on 10th November with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Information, the Provincial Department of Culture, Information and Public Relations with Religious Communities, and the EU Info Centre, will be entitled "Communities of the New Era".