The 5th Regional Conference devoted to minority and local media will be held on November 10th at Egység Castle in Novi Sad, Serbia. This 5th edition of the annual conference reflects the theme of social integration in the community. It will consider the essential understanding of identity, culture and the positioning of minority and local media as protagonists of new solutions, at a time of intense change and the creation of new parameters which constitute a modern society.

The central discourse of this conference will deal with the meaning of community and where minority and local media belong in it. We will try to answer questions on how membership of a particular community is manifested today:

  • What are the relevant anthropological, logical, economic and cultural aspects of involvement in communities of the new era?
  • Where is the limit of belonging, and how does it move in the mobile and digital social environment?
  • Does a member of a minority community in the diaspora (physically far away from the centre) actually have a sense of belonging to that community, and in what ways is this loyalty maintained? Where does this occur, and where not?


We will meet with the groups in the new age with examples of good practice, internet communities, and an agile group of social networks that generate an active sense of belonging to communities. We will also deal with minority and local media as a source of solutions, at the centre of which is the question of their own identity and dialogue.

Organizers of the conference: Magyar Szó, Media Change, Media Association of Serbia, HEROR Pont Media, and Giacomelli media

Patrons: Ministry of Culture and Information and the Provincial Secretariat for Culture, Public Information and Relations with Religious Communities

Partners of the conference: Gorenje and Coca Cola

Friends of the Conference: Novi Sad 2021, Gallery of Matica Serbian, Novi Sad Cultural Centre and Grand Kafa – Black‘n’Easy.

Applications via the conference website: